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Photo Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation

Many factors contribute to aging our skin, including excessive sun exposure and decreased production of collagen. Over time, due to cumulative sun exposure alterations in the colour and texture of the skin inevitably occur. In addition, the collagen in the skin that keeps it taut begins to weaken, and with the pull of gravity the skin becomes lax. The result is wrinkled, sagging, uneven, and blotched skin. For the first time, full thickness rejuvenation of the skin can literally turn back the clock, restoring a more youthful and vibrant appearance to your skin.

However, in todays society, as individuals we strive to look youthful, it is not unusual for people to spend thousands of pounds on creams or surgery to maintain a youthful appearance. Thanks to the miracle of Cynosure laser technology, invasive procedures and ”miracle“ creams are a thing of the past.


Sun Damaged Skin and Skin Pigmentation

The Cynosure laser can treat mild to moderate skin pigmentation caused by sun damage. Laser can also treat age spots which are commonly referred to liver spots, these usually occur in sun exposed areas of the body often on hands and face. The increased pigmentation in these spots is brought on by ageing, over exposure to the sun or other forms of ultraviolet lights. In order to help remove these spots and skin pigmentation the laser light is directly aimed at the pigmented spots. The advantages of this technology include the fact that the pigment is able to be targeted precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Laser treatments effectively reduces skin pigmentation in approximately 4 to 6 visits. Most clients report 70% (or greater) improvement over the duration of their treatment course.


Thread and Spider Veins

Thread and spider veins, which affect the face, body and legs, are extremely common and can be very embarrassing. However, laser technology can now me used to effectively remove them

The causes of thread veins are unknown, however, although they may be caused by changes in temperature, smoking, hormonal changes, alcohol and prolonged standing, or even an inherited condition. Spider veins are small, thin capillaries that lie close to the surface of the skin. They are connected to a larger venous system, though they are not an essential part of it since they do not actually carry blood to the heart. Spider veins form when excess blood backs up in the blood stream. The excess blood creates pressure, which is released when the body creates new veins on the skin´s surface. The primary problem with spider veins is their unsightly appearance, but they can also cause aching, swelling, burning.

Cynosure laser can be used to remove thread and spider veins on the face, body and legs.
The laser emits a powerful light that is absorbed by the red colour in the veins. As the light is absorbed it turns into heat, selectively damaging the veins. Vein treatments are performed quickly, within 15 to 20 minutes, offering complete results after around 4 or 5 sessions. There is no downtime, and it is faster and more effective than any other method on the market today.


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